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No-Bake Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Bars & Ecookbook Giveaway!

I hope everyone had a fun, relaxing and sunshine-y Easter weekend. This was my first holiday here in The Woodlands, TX. Will and I have had some rough times lately– we both lost 2 family members this spring all within a few weeks of each other and being away from the rest of our families on the first holiday without them was hard. We decided to make the most of it, go all-out and celebrate doing what we love– cooking, entertaining and playing outside. We had a few friends come over and made way too much food: Apples on Horseback (apple slices wrapped in manchego, proscuitto and rosemary, stay tuned for the recipe), sweet potato biscuits, scotch eggs, parmesan chicken meatballs, blue cheese bison meatballs, ricotta pie and these amazing little No-Bake Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Bars. I got the recipe from fellow dietitian Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean Blog who shared the recipe in a guest post by Kylie at Yeah…Imma Eat That.


I’m also super excited to announce the debut of my dear friend and fellow bloggers e-cookbook, 27. You may know Dixya from her amazing food photos and recipes at Food, Pleasure, and Health or from the Dietitian Spotlight Series article she was featured in back in November.


27 has 27 wholesome recipes mostly inspired by her childhood and love for different cuisines. There are five different categories (In the Morning, From the Garden, Quick Bites, Dinner-Friendly, and Sweet Tooth) that features lots of plant-based, wholesome and healthful recipes. To enter the giveaway, just say something in the comments section below or if you’d like to purchase a copy of 27 via PayPal, click here.

Did you try any new recipes this weekend? Or do you have any tried and true hand-me-down family recipes that you make every year? Share them here!


10 responses to “No-Bake Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Bars & Ecookbook Giveaway!”

  1. Reblogged this on chad collins charlestown and commented:
    interesting recipe?

  2. I’m sorry for your lost and I hope that things will get better for the both of you. On a side note, that no bake carrot cake cream cheese bar looks amazing! =)

  3. adanelz6 says:

    I wish I was able to go home this weekend to try out some new spring recipes!

  4. sorry for your and Will’s loss friend. I have been drooling at these bars as well..need to try to soon. thanks for sharing this giveaway :)

  5. theconsciousdietitian says:

    Looking forward to trying this recipe! Thanks for sharing :) Rachel. X

  6. These carrot cake bars look delicious! Looking forward to trying them :)

  7. Sounds like some good recipes! Props to her for writing an e- cookbook! I would love to do that someday!

  8. Sorry for your loss! The no-bake carrot cake bars sound AMAZING. I think I’ll try these for an upcoming pot luck :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. MeganWareRD says:

    The winner of the e-cookbook is Rachel from TheConsciousDietitian! Thank you all for participating!

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