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Bourbon Vanilla Banana Bread

I had a LOT of leftover bananas from a health fair a few weeks ago so I put them to good use by adding a little twist to a favorite banana bread recipe. I knew I’d want to eat it for breakfast all week, but the problem with having sweet breads for breakfast is they often have little to no protein. Having no protein for breakfast means you’re hungry 2 hours later, so I decided to add some of my favorite protein powder, Tera’s Whey Bourbon Vanilla, in the mix. This bread also gave me an excuse to use my bourbon vanilla extract sent to me by Meghan from Stir & Scribble last year during The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap.

Rest assured you don’t have to have any special protein powder or vanilla to make this recipe, just use any vanilla or plain protein powder and the vanilla extract you already have in the cupboard.



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