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How to Smoke Foods without a Big Outdoor Smoker

Smoking is the “it” way of cooking right now. Throw anything in a smoker and it elevates the dish in a way that no other cooking method does.

big.smokerAnd don’t think you have to be a carnivore to enjoy the spoils of a smoker. Throw smoked pineapple or tomatoes in your next salsa and you’ll never want to eat another salsa again. Three words: smoked Brussels Sprouts. And if you like bacon, even better. The problem is, I live in an apartment with a teeny baby porch that’s not exactly to conducive to smoking meals on the reg with a big honkin’ Cadillac of smokers like the one to the right.
I’m so glad this month’s Recipe Redux theme was on smoking because I’ve been chomping at the bit to share this with you guys!

Enter Camerons Stovetop Smoker: the savior of apartment-dwelling foodies everywhere. For people who don’t want to invest an entire day smoking, but still want that amazing flavor, I can’t get over how awesome this thing is. You need zero experience with smoking to figure it out. You really need no cooking experience at all– it’s that foolproof. 


smoking.wood.chipsIt comes with four different varieties of wood chips: hickory, cherry, oak and alder. 

You put 1 tablespoon of wood chips in a pile in the base of the smoker, place the drip tray on top of the base, then put whatever you’re smoking on the wire rack and slide the lid closed. Put the smoker over a burner and use medium heat OR you can put it over the fire/grill if you’re camping. Smoking fish takes about 25 minutes, veggies 10-15 minutes, nuts 10 minutes (YES nuts, have you ever had a smoked nut?! You HAVE to try it), burgers about 30 minutes and brisket about 50 minutes.

We smoked my current obsession, steelhead trout over the weekend and OMG— so juicy, so tender, SO flavorful.

It doesn’t even require a recipe, just throw on some seasonings, set up your tabletop smoker and let it do it’s job. This kind of cooking requires no oil and no butter, so you’re saving on calories and still getting all your good, healthy fats from the fish itself.


Have you ever used a tabletop smoker before? How about smoking foods other than meats? What’s something outside of the box that you love to have a smokey flavor?

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    Sounds and looks delish! Never knew about stove-top smokers. Now I’m gonna get one.

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