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The Best Protein Powder


Even dietitians need to do some pretty extensive research to find a good protein powder. There are so products and brands it’s impossible to choose the perfect one right out of the gate. To start, so many of them just taste horrible. But, lucky you, I did all the sampling for you! 

Why protein powder?

In my post about What to Eat After a Workout, I mentioned that you ideally need 15-30 grams of protein (depending on your size) after a hard workout to refuel and start to rebuild muscle. It’s not always possible to consume a meal right after a workout or maybe you just don’t have an appetite after intense exercise. Eating real food is ideal, but in a pinch it’s perfectly OK to grab something easy like a bar or smoothie/shake with protein powder. Once you settle on an optimal powder, check out my Easy Post-Workout Shake formula here. I also like to add a little protein powder to my yogurt, oatmeal and baked goods like these Banana Nut Protein Muffins to give them a boost.

I separated this list into two categories:

1) Whey-based protein powder
2) Plant-based protein powder

Whey-based powders get most of their protein power from milk and plant-based powders use a variety of things depending on the brand, like peas, nuts, rice, hemp, etc.

Even though most whey proteins claim they are lactose free, some people have a hard time digesting them (this is what the bodybuilding community likes to call protein farts). If you’ve got a lactose intolerance or milk protein digestion issue and whey doesn’t agree with you or you would just rather avoid animal products, go for the plant-based protein.

The first thing I looked at when searching for the perfect protein was the ingredient list. I’m assuming people looking for protein powder want to fuel their body in the best and most natural way possible. Filling it with unnecessary chemicals and additives defeats the purpose. This was honestly the hardest hurdle. Most of the protein powders in the grocery store and at the supplement shops are filled with artificial sweeteners and unnecessary chemicals and additives. I want to be able to read the label of any protein powder and recognize each ingredient as food (bonus points for organic and non-GMO ingredients). The next parameter was taste. I thoroughly enjoy eating and drinking and I don’t want waste my time or taste buds consuming things that I don’t enjoy. I also took price into consideration.

1) Whey-based protein powders

I’m skipping right over the popular brands like Syntha-6, EAS, AMP and Muscle Milk because they all have BS ingredients in them like carrageenan, corn syrup solids, artificial flavoring and sucralose. Don’t buy that crap.

best protein powderNaked Nutrition A+
When they say Naked, they mean it. The only ingredient in these powders is whey from grass-fed cows from small California farms. They also have a goat’s whey (Naked Goat), which they source from small-herd, pasture-raised US dairy goats. They add no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Their products are soy, gluten and GMO-free. I mixed a scoop of the Naked Goat with a cup of milk and some frozen raspberries and I’m in heaven. If you mix it with straight-up water, it just tastes like goats milk so it needs some frozen fruit to give it some flavor. The downside is that you can only find it online and prices are steep but you get a high quality, well-sourced product and a huge tub that lasts forever. They also have a sample starter pack that you can try before you invest.

best protein powder in the worldTera’s Whey (Organic, Grass Fed) A
Tera’s Whey is a go-to protein powder that I always have around. It tastes great, blends well and has only FOUR ingredients, all are non-GMO and organic. The whey is sourced from grass-fed cows and I have no problems digesting it. They have awesome flavors like Fair-Trade Dark Chocolate, Bourbon Vanilla, Coffee and Blueberry. HEB, Target, Whole Foods, Fresh Market and some of the larger, nicer Publix stores carry it. They use stevia as a sweetener. 

Kura Smoothie Powder A
If you want a little extra “oomph” in your smoothie, try Kura. Like my other favorites, they start with whey from grass-fed cows. Now I know there is debate over whether this actually matters since the whole benefit of grass-fed is due to the better ratio of healthy fats and whey protein generally doesn’t contain any fat anyways, but I also see the benefit of knowing that the cows were consistently given access to pasture instead of eating GMO corn. Kura also adds probiotics, omega 3s, and 26 vitamins and minerals to their smoothie starters. They’ve got a light flavor that’s not overpowering (which I love in the morning). You can find it at CVS for a reasonable price.

Dr. Venessa’s Formulas Grass Fed Hormone Free Whey Adr.venessas.whey
The cool thing about Dr. Venessa’s Formula is that it’s made local to me (Orlando). It’s also non-GMO, from grass-fed cows, and has lactase enzyme added so it’s easier to digest. The chocolate flavor is very subtle. It runs about $29 per 12 ounce container.

BiPro A
BiPro offers a quality product for a fair price and good flavor. They don’t add sucralose or any other crap ingredients. They just came out with a new strawberry flavor that I love. The only downside is that you can only find it online, BUT you can get free shipping with the code AWARE1617

Jay Robb’s Whey Protein B
I first picked this up because it only had 7 ingredients. The nutrition facts passed with flying colors: 110 calories, 25 grams of projay.robbtein and 0 grams of sugar in one scoop. Of course 0 grams of sugar means it’s sweetened with something, but in this case they used stevia. No sucralose, GMOs or artificial colors/flavors. Both the chocolate and strawberry flavors were delicious mixed in shakes and yogurt. The label says it’s lactose free but let’s just say it gave me some gastro-intestinal distress. I tried it several times to make sure that was what was causing it. I don’t like that they make the claim on the front that it’s made with rBGH (hormone)-free whey protein, but then there’s an asterisk on the back that states that there is only a limited supply of rBGH-free whey protein and there are times when “the world supply runs short” so they must use something else. Sounds like a cop-out to use a claim for marketing purposes then not have to make good on it because of the disclaimer.

Precision Engineered Elite Performance QUICK GEST-RR (Chocolate Madness) C
The name itself was enough to send me running for the hills but it was a free sample so I gave it a shot. They call it “quick gest” because there are added enzymes like protease, lipase, bromelain, papain and lactase to help with quick digestion– which they claim gets the nutrients to your muscles faster after a workout. Other than the enzymes and L-Leucine, there’s only a few additional ingredients, none of which bother me except the sucralose. I stay away from artificial sweeteners as much as possible in my daily life and it’s pretty hard to find a protein powder from GNC and the like that doesn’t use sucralose. It’s cheap, but there’s a reason why.

I won’t waste my time reviewing all the other popular, cheap “bro” powders with artificial sweeteners and dyes because they would all look the same as the one above. You already know what I think about them– you can do better!

2) Plant-based protein powders:

Let me start by saying that after trying at least 20 different plant-based protein powders, most of them are absolutely revolting. I wish they tasted better, but it’s hard to get pea protein to taste like chocolate.

RAW by Garden of Life (Chocolate) F
I started with this plant-based powder because it’s organic and non-GMO certified with no artificial flavors, sweeteners or synthetic ingredients. Seemed like the best of the best as far as ingredients go. However, it tastes like a mouthful of dirt. I’m not picky when it comes to food. In general, I enjoy eating really healthy-tasting things that other people would turn up their nose at. This protein powder is not one of those things. I tried it in several different shake recipes, mixed it in my yogurt, mixed it in my oatmeal… and threw all of it away. It’s that bad. I ended up taking the rest back to the store for a refund. For those of you mixing this with water and chugging it down– you are a warrior.

Vega has quite a few different lines of protein powder:

Vega One All-in-One Nutritional Shake (Berry) Cvega.protein.powder
I’d talk about how great the ingredients are but there’s no point because the smell and taste are just not good. The flavor reminds me of crushing up a bunch of Flintstone vitamins into powder. The metallic, vitamin-y taste and chalky consistency makes it something I would not drink by choice, but it’s honestly still much better than the other plant-based powders so far. I’ve had a few clients tell me they don’t mind the taste. 

Vega Protein Smoothie
Viva-VanillaNot AS bad as the Perfect Fit, Spirutein and Sun Warrior vanilla flavors but still not tasty. C
Choc-A-LotFinally, something that doesn’t make me gag! The ingredients all pass, it packs 15 grams of protein per serving with only 2 grams of sugar and I actually enjoyed drinking it. You can find Vega in Target and Whole Foods. They’ve recently changed up their protein and smoothie powder lines but I haven’t tried the new ones yet. A

Skoop B Strong (Viva-Vanilla) BB Strong Skoop protein powder
At first glance, the ingredient list is long. When you look closely it’s mostly good stuff like an omega 3 fatty acid blend, beta carotene, folic acid, etc. For a plant-based protein powder, it tastes pretty darn good plus you get tons of extra vitamins and minerals. You get less protein per calories than in the Vega Protein Smoothie and it’s a bit more expensive.

Perfect Fit Protein F
I really really wanted to like this. It’s primarily made from organic sprouted whole grain brown rice and branded by the girls from Tone It Up. First of all, the powder doesn’t even blend. It just stays in a powdery, chalk-like consistency even when using a high-powered blender. I can’t imagine what it would be like if you just tried to shake it by hand. It also tasted quite dirt-like and is the color of sand. Unless you enjoy drinking liquified chalk, stay away.  

sun.warrior.proteinSun Warrior (Vanilla) F
It was chalky, gritty and had not even a hint of vanilla flavor. I tried adding strawberries, mango, vanilla extract, and then peanut butter as a last resort and I still couldn’t choke it down. What a waste of fresh fruit! It’s vegan, gluten free, soy free and dairy free but I don’t really care because it was disgusting.

Spirutein F
I tried the vanilla, chocolate AND strawberry. All gross. I don’t like that they add bee pollen either. On to the next one! 

Epic Plant-Based Protein A
The ingredients are spot-on and chocked full of organic superfoods. I mixed the Green Kingdom flavor with organic soy milk and frozen nectarine slices and it was delicious. I fully expected this powder to taste like dirt, but I was pleasantly surprised.

If I was going to go for a vegan protein powder, so far I’d choose Epic or the chocolate Vega.


Protein powder still on my list to try:

Manitoba Harvest, Natural Factors, Biochem, Jarrow, Blue Bonnet, Reservage Grass-Fed and IsoPure. They’ve all got great ingredient lists, now I just need to get some samples! This is an ongoing list and I’d love to hear from you if you’ve found a protein powder that you love!

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  • Stacy Bursuk

    I didn’t like the Vega berry powder either (I usually don’t like the berry flavors of anything), but I wanted to mention a small correction about the mention of fish oil in the product; it would not have this since it is a vegan powder. I double checked on my package to make sure. I wonder what it was you were tasting. Wish I liked it better too!

    • You’re right Stacy, thanks for pointing that out. It must be the algae that I’m tasting! I also think it kind of tastes like eating a bunch of crushed up Flinstones vitamins :)

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  • Sweetie

    Natural Factors unsweetened whey is very good. Tera’s unsweetened is also good. Stevia may cause DNA breakage. Just because something’s natural doesn’t make it safe. Stick with unsweetened whey.

    • MeganWareRD

      Hi Sweetie, can you provide any studies or links for more on stevia and DNA breakage?

    • Can you please share the resource on DNA breakage?

      • Sweetie

        Check out the letter written by toxicologists at UCLA. It goes into detail, reviewing the problems and potential problems with stevia extracts. The keys here seem to be the potential formation of an epoxide, a type of radical (I guess) that is reactive with DNA.

        • Sweetie

          And just anecdotally, I have consumed containers of unsweetened (like Tera’s) whey and also recently bought one in chocolate flavor with stevia. I got a lot of malaise from that. I literally looked older the next day in the mirror after eating it and the effect seemed cumulative. Dark circles under the eyes and all that. I felt terrible so I stopped eating it and am now feeling normal. I also have a bad reaction to the aspartame/acesulfame combo (headache in particular) but stevia is worse.

          Did you know that recent research has found that aspartame blocks a hormone that causes the body to signal cells to burn energy, causing our bodies to store it instead (get fatter)? Not only that, other research has showed that it causes our brains to crave sugar more because the calories don’t come with the sweet taste. AND, our bodies have impaired insulin resistance from these high-intensity sweeteners. AND, some of them (like saccharin and sucralose at the very least) switch the balance in our gut to harmful bacteria that lead to insulin resistance and inflammation.

          Multiple cancer experts wrote letters saying acesulfame-K hasn’t been studied properly and that hasn’t stopped the industry or the FDA from bothering to test it with correct methodology. We’re just like the livestock they put arsenic into to compensate for overcrowded conditions. The long-term health toll doesn’t matter. Just the dollar signs.

  • Oh

    Obviously this author is not a fan of plant based protein powders. I just have to say that I’ve never tasted any great protein powder when mixed with water. If you mix it with regular milk, then you’ve just missed the whole point of buying these expensive powders to begin with. As for plant based protein, mix them with apple juice and it will make you go “WOW!” I drink SunWarrior and its good i.e. it’s not a Sonic Blast with M&Ms.

    • MeganWareRD

      Agreed– I don’t enjoy any protein powder mixed with just water. Mixing with apple juice though? I would pass. Too much sugar, unless you are post-endurance exercise.

    • I’m definitely not a fan of things that taste like dirt or don’t mix well, which is most plant-based protein powders. However, I’ve found a few that I do like- PlantFusion, Vega, and Epic :)

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