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Curried Chickpea and Avocado Salad Sandwich

By Helen Yuan, Nutrition Awareness Intern

I was inspired to make this dish after writing an article about the health benefits of chickpeas. After doing my research and discovering how incredibly amazing they are (18 grams of fiber, 20 grams of protein, 25% of daily potassium needs, 35% iron, 28% vitamin B-6 and 29% of magnesium needs!), I decided that I definitely needed more of them in my life.

This deliciously creamy sandwich is packed with protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, and a huge assortment of vitamins and minerals! It tastes great warm or chilled, and is perfect for summer picnics.

I usually prepare the curried chickpea avocado salad in the evening and then refrigerate it so that in the morning I can just slap it between two slices of bread and pack it for a quick and easy to-go lunch. I could eat this for days on end and never get tired of it – and I actually have done this, so I promise I’m not exaggerating!

The bold taste of the curry spice imparts a wonderful flavor to this dish, and provides a great contrast to the mild creaminess of the avocado. I like to add carrots for a little crunch, and they also help give the dish a nice bright pop of color. Sometimes I like to shake things up and add diced red, yellow, and/or orange bell pepper to the mix as well – either way it always turns out spectacular!


Curried Avocado Chickpea Salad Sandwich Recipe nutrition

One response to “Curried Chickpea and Avocado Salad Sandwich”

  1. Marci ware says:

    Sounds simply wonderful !!! Mmm that def. would of spiced up my sliced avacodo on a plate!!! Can’t wait to check it meg

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