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Meal Delivery Service Review: Green Chef


Have you tried any of the meal delivery services that are so popular right now? I have a ton of clients that ask me about them: Do they actually make your life easier? Do the meals taste good? Are they healthy? Are they worth the cost? Which is the best? I figured the only way to provide the best advise was to give them all a try myself, so I decided to give them a go and take you along for the ride. So far I’ve tried and reviewed both HelloFresh and Blue Apron. Next up: Green Chef review.

The biggest draw for Green Chef is that everything they use is certified organic. That means no GMOs, no synthetic pesticides and no growth hormones or antibiotics. Green Chef puts an emphasis on using seasonal ingredients and sustainable suppliers, including small family farms. You can check out some of their suppliers here.

Ordering: Green Chef had more options than the other 2. You could pick from Vegetarian, Omnivore (combo of meat, seafood, veg), Carnivore, Gluten-Free or Paleo. I went with Omnivore to get the most variety. Although it is a subscription service, you don’t have to get an order each week. You can skip as many weeks as you like and choose which day you would like to receive the order. You can also get more specific and de-select the things you don’t like (lamb, shellfish, pork, poultry, beef, fish, game).

Delivery: Like Blue Apron, the ingredients came all together in one box (not divided by recipe, which cut down on waste but wasn’t as convenient). However, each ingredient had a label that was color coded by recipe and a lot of the ingredients were already chopped and measured. Score!

Recipes: I received Cumin Spiced Steak with cheesy potatoes, arugula & fig salad; Turkey Albondigas with Mexican Meatballs, romesco sauce and turmeric rice; Bulgur-Stuffed Peppers with hemp seed hummus, super greens & artichoke salad.


The good: Um, everything? I loved that each recipe had a different green salad to go with it. Every recipe was seriously delicious and was enough for at least 3 servings (not 2 as the directions state). The instructions were concise and simple. The sauces and the chopping was done for me. The 30-35 minute cook times were accurate.


The bad: If you end up eating the whole recipe in 2 servings, you’d be eating about 800 calories for 2 of the 3 meals I received. That being said, there was PLENTY for at least 3 meals in each recipe so one lucky person in the house gets a bonus lunch the next day. The only downfall about Green Chef is of course, the price.

Recap: Blue Apron and HelloFresh are cheaper than Green Chef (about $69 for Hellofresh ($59 for vegetarian) compared to $80 a week for 3 recipes for 2). That being said, both Blue Apron and Green Chef offered bigger portions (enough for more than 2 meals). Green Chef had more options to personalize your order and their recipes were the best. Blue Apron and HelloFresh paled in comparison (except for that Blue Apron pizza!). Blue Aprons recipes were much more complicated, less “done-for-you,” and left me with a sink full of dishes. I’d be team Green Chef all the way if it fit the budget! Because of the simplicity and price of HelloFresh, I’d be most likely to reorder from them.

If you want to try Green Chef, you can get your first meals free here.

If you want to try HelloFresh and get $40 off your first delivery, use “refer a friend” code NF3LB3

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  • Green Chef

    Thanks so much for cooking with us!

  • Really??

    My daughter tried the Blue Apron this past weekend, and was less than impressed. She was in the same dilemma as the author. She experienced a sink full of dirty dishes and was less than impressed with the salom that she received. Since I am into organic, I am going to try Green Chef.

    • Nik

      Green Chef is the worst service that we have tried. The food quality is absolutely terrible, the recipes are bland and the customer service is so outrageously awful, that they literally have to spend their growth capital with online reputation companies to stay in business. Go check out their reviews on Yelp.

      • Sorry you had a bad experience. I use their service about once a month and I love the meals, the variety, and think the quality of the food is exceptional. I’ve never had an issue so I’ve never had to use their customer service.

  • ICanCookNow

    Hello fellow foodies,

    I’ve been using HelloFresh for a while now, and I am always amazed at how simple their meals are to prepare and how fresh and delicious all of their ingredients are! Their packaging is so simple and their delivery is incredibly reliable. This is such a time save I don’t know what I’d do w/o their amazing service! I used code 86F7PB to sign up and even got $40 off my first box! This code never expires, so you can take advantage of the savings as well! =]


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