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Video: The Importance of DHA During Pregnancy

You’ve probably already heard that DHA is really important during pregnancy. You also know that pregnancy is a time of high metabolic and nutritional needs. Why is DHA so important? Our bodies do not have the ability to make DHA, so you have to consume it through food. DHA is important for the babies brain development and vision. Infants that are born with a higher DHA status during birth tend to perform better in memory function tests later in life. DHA is especially important during the last trimester because the babies brain grows up to 200%! Consensus guidelines recommend that women get 200-300 mg of DHA per day from foods like fatty fish, fortified soy, leafy greens, hemp seeds, walnuts, flaxseeds, and their oils. Because it may be hard to get 200-300 mg per day for some women, a daily DHA supplement is often recommended.

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