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Orlando Small Business Series


Orlando Small Business Series: Joe Salg of Corrine Drive Counseling Center

Last month I launched the new Orlando Small Business Series, a monthly feature highlighting entrepreneurs in Orlando who are doing their part to make our community a happier, healthier place. This month I interviewed Joe Salg, a certified sex therapist and licensed mental health counselor. Joe has been in private practice in Central Florida for the past 16 years…

Do you want to:

-Feel better, look better, or have more energy?
-Improve your health?
-Lose weight?
-Fuel your body for muscle gain?
-Lower your blood pressure or cholesterol?
-Stop the yo-yo cycle of dieting?

We are a team of registered dietitian nutritionists specializing in weight loss and performance. Instead of providing a generic plan you can follow for a few weeks until you’re tired of drinking the shakes or eating the pre-packaged meals, we will guide you on the path of making small weekly changes to your routine that bring big results, for life!

Our goal is for our clients to never need another diet or nutrition plan again!

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