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Pizza and Pasta

Creamy Fire Roasted Corn and Arugula Pasta

I always tell my clients to steer clear of anything with cream sauce when dining out because they’re loaded with calories and fat, but you can easily make a great tasting healthy cream sauce at home with about 5 ingredients. Skip the store-bought canned Alfredo because you know it doesn’t taste that great anyway. Spend…

Two Step Pesto Pasta with Pumpkin Seeds

This is the easiest recipe I’ve ever posted. A departure from the typical spaghetti marinara, but just as quick. The pumpkin seeds add a welcome crunch and along with healthy vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin E and zinc. Two Step Pesto Pasta with Pumpkin Seeds (Serves 4) 1/4 cup pesto…

5-Minute Flatbread Pizza

On Friday night, I was hit by a craving: Pizza. I started to look up a place to order from where I could get something relatively healthy, maybe a thin crust veggie. Then I thought hey, maybe I could make one myself with ingredients I have on hand and save myself $$ AND calories. I…

Spicy Pumpkin Pasta

What, you thought the pumpkin obsession was reserved for lattes and desserts? No way. Pumpkin is making it’s way into your dinner too. Why the pumpkin obsession? Well besides the taste, it offers some great health benefits: a half cup provides 100% of your vitamin A needs for the day and as much potassium than a banana. Like…

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