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How a Certified Nutritionist in Orlando, FL Can Help Create Healthy Eating Habits for Your Family

Parents know how challenging it can be to feed families in a healthy manner in the middle of a school and work schedule. With traffic commute times growing between Winter Park and Orlando, many families don’t feel they have the time to prepare healthy meals every day. That’s why many busy families in Orlando, Baldwin Park and Winter Park FL are turning to a certified nutritionist for help. At Nutrition Awareness, our dieticians are registered nutritionists who act as your family’s health coach and will teach you how quick and easy it can be to create and maintain healthy eating habits with foods your entire family will love.

There are a lot more great-tasting healthy foods around than you may realize that can be prepared in thirty minutes or less. And the key to creating healthy eating habits is to enjoy a variety of delicious foods. If your children are particularly picky about eating certain foods, your health coach can help create healthy, delicious meals your children will enjoy. For instance, if your child doesn’t like a certain vegetable like peas or squash, try mixing it with spaghetti and watch them devour it.
Your certified nutritionist in Orlando, Fl can also help establishing specific meal times so the entire family can sit down and eat together which also helps to maintain healthy eating habits. Children tend to flourish when routines are implemented, and the predictable nature of family meal times will also reduce the stress from having to prepare individual meals on-demand for each member of the family.

Dieticians recommend omitting toxic ingredients from your diet such as hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners as they contribute to diabetes, obesity and other health conditions. Consuming whole grains and fiber-rich whole fruits and vegetables provide vital nutrients and combat cravings for sugar and fat. Fiber also steadies blood glucose and insulin levels, which helps prevent diabetes and obesity. Be sure to increase your child’s fiber intake slowly, because a sudden spike in fiber can shock the digestive system.

Learn how you and your family can eat healthy for life from a certified nutritionist serving the Orlando Metropolitan area including Winter Park and Baldwin Park. Contact us today at (407) 720-8636 or visit us online to learn how to prepare a meal like a pro.

Do you want to:

-Feel better, look better, or have more energy?
-Improve your health?
-Lose weight?
-Fuel your body for muscle gain?
-Lower your blood pressure or cholesterol?
-Stop the yo-yo cycle of dieting?

We are a team of registered dietitian nutritionists specializing in weight loss and performance. Instead of providing a generic plan you can follow for a few weeks until you’re tired of drinking the shakes or eating the pre-packaged meals, we will guide you on the path of making small weekly changes to your routine that bring big results, for life!

Our goal is for our clients to never need another diet or nutrition plan again!